Nervous MSM Suggests McCain Scrap Sarah

Post-Palin Speech Update: How's that poll going now, Bill?

Imagine it's a few days before the Dem convention. In a big—BIG—surprise, Barack Obama names Rhode Island congressman Patrick Kennedy his vice-presidential running mate. You're a partisan Republican.  Do you?:

  • a. demand that Obama drop Kennedy from the ticket; or
  • b. sit back and enjoy the, uh, ride. 

I'm guessing the great majority of red-blooded Republicans would answer 'b.'  Why wouldn't you want a weak link on the opposing ticket?  So what kind of scare has Sarah Palin has put into the MSM that various of its members, like Jack Cafferty, are floating the notion that McCain should consider dropping Palin?  Do they sense she could be a real game-changer?

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Examples of the MSM sink-Sarah phenomenon :

  • The totally-in-the-tank for Obama Us Magazine, ran a poll today asking whether Palin should step down.  According to a poster at Free Republic, the mag [owned by big Obama donor Jann Wenner] took the poll down after the results were overwhelmingly against Palin's withdrawal.
  • This afternoon on CNN, Jack Cafferty made his Cafferty File question whether McCain "should consider replacing Palin."

Bonus Coverage: Cafferty Gets Bolshy With Borger

Just before Cafferty commenced his sack-Sarah spiel, he and Gloria Borger had a tension-filled exchange.  Borger asked Cafferty if he remembered that whereas on the day of Obama's acceptance speech McCain ran an ad congratulating Obama on his nomination, Obama was out there today on the stump taking shots at McCain.  "So what?" snapped Cafferty. "John McCain was vociferously critical day after day after day during the entire Democratic convention.  Remember that?"

Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.