Jon Stewart Berates Media For Obsession With Palin Daughters: 'Who Gives a S--t?'

Jon Stewart is finally flaunting some of that "sanity" we've heard so much about. On his show Wednesday night, he had a simple message for the legions of journalists obsessed with Sarah Palin's children: "Who gives a sh*t?"

"Kids are off limits," Stewart added. "In fact, we should all go out of our way to treat her children with kid gloves and respect to show that we don't judge individuals and mock them purely based on who their parents are."

"Stop making me feel sympathy for the Palins!" he begged - hysterically, I might add. "Stop it!" (Video below the break - h/t Charlie Spiering)

The mainstream media has been so obsessed with the Palin daughters that they have actually managed to make a mini-scandal out of the "Dancing With the Stars" voting processes. Trillions in national debt, historic political turmoil, 9.6% unemployment, and ABC's "Good Morning America" managed to devote seven minutes to borderline-conspiracy theories surrounding a celebrity game show.

As you can see in the "Daily Show" clip, CNN has chimed in as well. The full volume of coverage from America's leading news outlets is truly breathtaking.

Allahpundit writes:

I used to think the left wanted Palin to win the GOP nomination because they suspect they’d have an easier time against her in the general election, but now I think maybe they prefer her simply for content reasons. What on earth would they talk about if the Palins went away?