Feeling the 'Love' from Jon Stewart's Liberal Fans

The time I spent worrying about my segment on “The Daily Show” (filmed last month) was wasted. Yeah, I sound a little silly (hated my voice, liked my hair, but my face looked fat - this photo I like…but not because of the way I look…OK, moving on), and the editor sliced and diced sound bites. But overall, it’s much better than I expected. (And my expectations were quite low.) Whew!

I got a bunch of nastygrams this morning from - you guessed it - white liberals. They wrote the sort of things I know they wouldn’t say to my face.

I set my DVR to record last night’s show, but I set it for the wrong time. I saw the segment only 15 minutes ago elsewhere. As I watched, I kept waiting for the part that warranted hate e-mail. The show played up the edited sound bite “women are the weaker sex,” but I said physically weaker, generally speaking. The powers-that-edit left out physically. And my point was that I preferred a male president over a female president. Women leaders in general are fine. Yeah, they edited the heck out of what I actually said.

But, whatever.

Nothing I said in that 60-second appearance warranted hate e-mail. Let me tell you something, new “fans,” I’ve been out in the blogosphere catching it from all sides since 2003. I’ve offended the best of them, even people I like, and it hasn’t changed my opinions or my determination to share my views with as many people as I can. Get over yourselves.

Anyway, my blogging pal Ian Schwartz has the video. WARNING: The clip is racy. Not appropriate for children, the easily offended, or prudes.

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