Network Morning Shows Give Scant 47 Seconds to Obama Budget

Despite the fact that the national debt has topped $15 trillion, the three network morning shows on Monday managed to only provide a total of 47 seconds to the Obama administration's newly released budget plan.

NBC's Today gave the most time to the news – a whole 26 seconds – but also completely glossed over criticism of the plan, with news anchor Natalie Morales declaring: "President Obama is sending a new budget to Congress today in a bid to reduce the deficit by some $4 trillion over the next decade. The spending blueprint outlines his plans to cut government spending and raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans."

ABC's Good Morning America mustered a mere 13 seconds, but did at least allude to opposition: "President Obama meanwhile, unveils his 2013 budget today. He says it would reduce the deficit by some $4 trillion over the next decade, with spending cuts and higher taxes on the wealthy. Republicans call the plan a failure."

On CBS's This Morning, co-host Erica Hill could barely find enough time for an 8-second mention of President Obama proposing a budget: "Later today, President Obama releases his budget outline for next year, calling for cuts and new taxes in order to shrink the deficit."

Kyle Drennen
Kyle Drennen
Kyle Drennen is the Senior News Analyst for MRC