Rocky Mtn. News: Planned Parenthood Makes a Killing with Successful Palin Fundraiser

Rocky Mountain News staffer Ed Sealover offered readers a 12-paragraph article on how Planned Parenthood is making a killing off of John McCain's choice of running mate. Too bad he downplayed that they're literal killings.

In his September 23 article, "Planned Parenthood gains from Palin e-mail campaign," Sealover noted that the "staunch abortion-rights opponent" is inspiring pro-choice women to give donations to the organization in Palin's name, meaning that John McCain's campaign headquarters will soon be "receiving tens of thousands of thank-you notes."

Sealover briefly noted that Planned Parenthood provides abortion services, although he failed to mention that, although technically a not-for-profit entity, it earns windfall profits by selling abortion services. Reported Penny Starr of* earlier this year:

( - Planned Parenthood Federation of America made unprecedented revenues and increased the number of abortions over a one-year period by the largest percentage since 1996, according to its just-released annual report.

For the fiscal year July 1, 2006 to June 30, 2007, the organization earned revenues of more than $1 billion and recorded 289,750 abortions - 24,807 more than the previous year.

"If Planned Parenthood were a publicly traded company, they'd be celebrating," Jim Sedlak, vice president of American Life League, told Cybercast News Service. "The stockholders would be screaming, 'Wow, what a good year we had!'"

Planned Parenthood posted its latest annual report on its Web site last week, prompting reaction from several pro-life organizations, including American Life League.

"While most companies have started to feel the squeeze of our sagging economy, business has never been better for Planned Parenthood," Tony Perkins, president of the conservative Family Research Council, said in response to Planned Parenthood's latest figures.

"Planned Parenthood received a $31.4 million pay raise in taxpayer funds - a 10.8 percent increase in the 'non-profit's' government revenue," Perkins added.

Repeated requests by Cybercast News Service for an interview with Planned Parenthood Federation of America officials were not granted.

* is a division of the Media Research Center, the parent organization of

Correction: This post originally reported that Sealover did not mention that Planned Parenthood provides abortions. In fact it was in the fifth paragraph of his story. I apologize for the error, which arised from overlooking this description of the organization: "The campaign is meant to translate anger at her position into money for an agency that provides sex education, women's health care and abortion services." At any rate, given the scope and profitability of Planned Parenthood's abortion services, the organization certainly has a vested financial interest in exploiting fears of pro-life politicians seeking national office.

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