Chris Matthews: Scranton, Pa. Stuck in 1957; Media Were McCain's Base

Update: Scott Whitlock reminds me that Matthews said something very similar about West Virginia Democratic Democratic primary voters back in May.

Ah the wit and wisdom of Chris Matthews. Did you know that Joe Biden's hometown of Scranton, Pa., is stuck in 1957? Or that Sen. McCain hopes to peel off Michigan from the Democrats due in part to white voters anger at black Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick? Did you know you shouldn't bother to ask a Mormon what he did over the weekend?

Oh, and the media used to love John McCain because they were his base.

One out of three correct isn't bad, considering the source.

Matthews was appearing at a National Journal panel discussion hosted by the Tattered Cover bookstore in Denver, Colorado, and filmed by C-SPAN. The "Hardball" host had a warm, jovial audience that laughed at most of his line, although there were some groans about his snark about Mormons having nothing to do on the weekend but spend time "with the kids."

Ken Shepherd
Ken Shepherd
Ken Shepherd is a writer living in New Carrollton, Md.