Two Journalistic Traditions Meet: Polling and Booze

Republicans are horrible tippers and have even worse pick-up lines. You may expect to see that slant from a story making the rounds based on a industry-sponsored survey of Washington, D.C., bartenders.

An excerpt from an August 18 report by Paul Walsh of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

A survey of Washington, D.C., bartenders commissioned by a leading liquor company broke down Democrats and Republicans when it comes to their drink selection and bar behavior.

Here's what it found:

  • Who's a better tipper? Democrats 60 percent, Republicans 38 percent.
  • Who is more likely to order a drink straight up? Republicans 82 percent; Democrats 14 percent.
  • Who is more likely to order a fruity (pink) drink? Democrats 58 percent, Republicans 34 percent.
  • Who has the better pick-up lines? Democrats 74 percent, Republicans 14 percent.


The survey of about 100 bartenders in the Washington, D.C., area was commissioned by Beam Global Spirits & Wine Inc. (maker of Jim Beam bourbon, Canadian Club whisky and Courvoisier cognac, among others) in collaboration with Clarus Research Group.

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