ABC Finds New Losers in Gas Price Highs: Nevada Brothels

Nevada Brothels Hit Hard by Gas Prices screencap | NewsBusters.orgFrom the Disney-owned Web site that brought you concerns that college co-eds were foregoing textbooks to pay for birth control comes the latest tale of high gas price-induced economic woes.

"Nevada Brothels Hit Hard by Gas Prices," trumpets in a teaser headline in the top headlines slideshow on its front page. The editors showed a bit more leg in the photo caption: "Owners fight back: free $50 gas cards for high-spending customers."

Here's some of the tale of woe from the article itself:

As the Silver State's fuel prices hit all-time highs, Nevada's brothel employees find it harder to make a living these days, leaving some people wondering whether they should stay in the business.

At the Stardust Ranch in eastern Nevada, bartender Cindy Howe says they're "down to only two girls. They don't want to come here because business is down."

The brothel is about to change hands after soaring gas prices affected the number of customers willing to drive out to Ely. Now its owners are forced to sell.

What's next? Stories about cutbacks in the prostitution industry leaving hundreds of brothel piano players out of work?

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