LiveBlog: Bush Press Conference on the Economy

President Bush is holding a press conference on the U.S. economy. I'll be blogging the questions to the president below.

Video of Bush/Raddatz clash here (audio available here).

Video of Stolberg and Ryan on recession here (audio here)

My bottom line analysis (11:25): The two R's of bias from this Rose Garden presser: Martha Raddatz on Syria and numerous reporters on the dreaded R-word, recession. Of course a recession is two consecutive quarters of NEGATIVE economic growth, and we've yet to see one quarter of negative growth, much less two. But all the same, NY Times's Stolberg made it sound like Q1 numbers on GDP tomorrow will show a recession.

The questions below will be posted in reverse chronological order:

11:20 | Bush closes press conference.

11:16 | April Ryan: I talked to James Clyburn before this press conference... Americans believe we are in a recession... in Zimbabwe, what's the next step and what role does South Africa play in that?

11:12 | Mike Allen asks Bush what he thinks a major issue is that might crop up for his successor to be aware of.

11:11 | Richard Wolffe, Newsweek, asks Bush about spending items Dems are tacking onto his Iraq package.

11:09 | Ann Compton: Did any good come out of President Carter's talks with Iraq? Did anyone in your administration ask him not to do it?

11:06 | Mark Knoller, CBS News: Do you feel your foreign policy in the Middle East has been undermined by Jimmy Carter meeting with Hamas leaders?

11:03 | Sheryl Stolberg, NY Times: You have spoken about opening ANWR and more refineries, these are long term... what can you tell Americans about what you're doing in the short term. Are you concerned the GDP numbers to be released tomorrow will show a recession.

11:00 | Unid'd male reporter on Congress blocking Colombia free trade pact, FISA: Are you frustrated, are you angry, and do you have any real hope of being able to work with Congress this year?

10:56 | Kathleen Koch, CNN on 2007 Israel airstrike on suspected Syrian nuclear facility: Suddenly last week your administration released classified photos of that bombing... why the turnaround, sir, what did you hope it would accomplish?

10:54 | Raddatz: In Iraq in 2006, you said we were winning. How can we believe you're not doing the same thing here?

10:53 | Raddatz: But do you think we're winning?

10:51 | Martha Raddatz, ABC News: Is the strategy succeeding, are we winning in Afghanistan?

10:49 | Roger Runningen, Bloomberg: 14 senators including your [home state] Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison are calling on you to stop filling the Strategic Petroleum REserve... do you think now with the rising prices, the record high oil prices, it's time to change course?

10:47 | Wendell Goler, Fox News asks Bush if he thinks we're close to tapping out our oil reserves and if so if more resources should be put towards renewable energy.

10:45 | Jim Axelrod, CBS News question on gas tax moratorium: Could you flesh out perhaps some of your thinking about whether the idea is good or not?

10:42 | John Yang, NBC question on biofuels: What more can the United States do to make food more affordable around the world.

10:40 | Unid'd male reporter: Were you premature in saying the U.S. economy is not in recession? What can you do to persuade Saudi Arabia to raise output? | President George W. Bush in 4/29/2008 news conference10:38 | Question from Jennifer Loven, AP: "Isn't it time to think about doing more..." to stimulate economy. Asks Bush about opinion on a summertime gas tax moratorium.

10:32 | President Bush's opening statement. President laments that on many economic issues, "all they're [the American people] getting is delay..." Bush blasts Congress for opposition to expanding "our production at home." Mentions blocking of drilling ANWR. Bush says ANWR drilling would "likely mean lower gas prices" but it's been "consistently blocked." Bush laments lack of refining capacity, notes it's been 30 years since last refinery was built, says Congress has blocked expanding refining capacity. Bush notes opposition to nuclear energy, congressional consideration of new taxes on energy production. Bush blasts farm bill, subsidies. Bush calls for reducing "unnecessary subsidies" to farmers. Bush addresses Congress failing to "send a single" proposal for reform of real estate regulation, student loans. "My administration will reach out to Congress and work together to find areas of agreement.... I ask Congress to do it's part..."


Ken Shepherd
Ken Shepherd
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