Joy Behar: Some People 'Refuse to Accept Reality'

Joy Behar should remove the blinding plank in front of her own eye before removing the splint in front of others. Expressing her outrage that a West Virginia Hillary Clinton voter erroneously labeled Barack Obama a Muslim, Behar opined on May 13's "View" that some people "refuse to accept the reality." "The View" co-host did not mention that some of these reality deniers include Behar herself.

In the past, the daytime chat diva has spouted off many false remarks, putting her leftist ideology before the facts. Joy fed her viewers false information about the vice president’s record on the Marriage Amendment and falsely charged the Bush administration with airing the "swift boat" ads. Behar has also, without evidence, smeared Republican presidential candidates of ties with the Ku Klux Klan and accused Republicans of giving Senator Tim Johnson a stroke.

As the conversation continued, Elisabeth Hasselbeck noted that the left has smeared McCain with charges he will reinstate the draft. Whoopi Goldberg quickly refuted that "that’s different" because the Obama/Muslim line is "fear mongering." Suggesting John McCain will force young men to killed is not fear mongering?

Relevant portions of the transcript are below.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: So now today, the West Virginia primaries are happening. And here’s one of the voter’s reasons for not back Obama. Listen to this.

WEST VIRGINIA VOTER: He’s a Muslim and, you know, that has a lot to do with it. I just, you know, I just would rather have Hillary.

REPORTER: Just for the record, he constantly says that he’s a Christian.

VOTER: I know he does.

REPORTER: You don’t believe him.

[audience groan]

GOLDBERG: She’s not voting for him because he’s a Muslim.

JOY BEHAR: Yeah, like this is a white jacket [pointing to her white jacket] No it’s not. It’s the same mentality. They refuse to accept the reality, some people. And that’s all.


ELISABETH HASSELBECK: They do it on both sides. They did it to McCain. "McCain’s going to reinstate the draft." Lie.

GOLDBERG: No that, that’s different.

HASSELBECK: It happens on both sides.

GOLDBERG: That’s different. You’re jumping on somebody for their political thing. That’s one thing. But to say, to use fear mongering like that, to say "he’s a Muslim." And you know it has a bad connotation. That’s why people use it. But the fact that after all of this, it does not matter whether he, whether he says, "listen, I’m a Christian. I’ve been a Christian all of my life." It doesn’t matter. People stay with what they want to stay with.

BEHAR: But you know, it’s such a disservice to Muslims also. They’re all over the world. The implication is that to be a Muslim is to be something wrong with you. I mean it’s, there are people who are, most Muslims, I mean 99 percent of them are doing their job as people. There’s a small percentage maybe that are not, same with every religion.

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