CNN: Easier to Get a Handgun Than Fruits and Vegetables

Los Angeles city councilwoman Jan Perry wants district residents to eat their carrots, instead of fast food.

In order to make food choices for her constituents, Perry wants to ban new fast-food restaurants from opening in the South L.A. district for at least a year.

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta ate up the plan for regulatory meddling saying on "American Morning" November 16, "[A]lthough obesity may not be eliminated entirely, studies show zoning laws are a good first step to fighting the problem."

Gupta even repeated Perry's unusual claim that “in some places in her district it’s easier to get a handgun than it is to get some of these fruits and vegetables.” If true, that might explain why grocery stores and restaurants are reluctant to do business in South L.A.

The right to eat as you please was not high on the "American Morning" agenda as Gupta admitted even fast-food restaurants offer some healthy choices:

“But people have to choose them,” complained Gupta.

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