Accident or Commentary? CNBC Personality Drops Expletive During Obama Town Hall

CNBC has been a hotbed for commentary - both left and right, from Rick Santelli's call for a tea party on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to the hiring of former Democratic Committee Chairman Howard Dean as a CNBC contributor.      

This time, one of the hosts on CNBC's March 26 "Power Lunch" dropped an expletive during President Barack Obama's online town hall meeting as the network broke away from their coverage (h/t

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: One last point I want to make and I know I'm not suppose to talk this long ...


"POWER LUNCH" CO-HOST BILL GRIFFITH: Bill Griffith here (nervous chuckle) and the rest of the "Power Lunch" gang stepping in for just a moment here as we continue the virtual town hall.

It's not clear whether the remark was commentary on Obama's town hall speech itself or if it was coincidental timing.