Beck Mocks Union Winter Retreat, Card Check in Show’s 'COMЯADE UPDATE'

As part of a continuation of his "COMЯADE UPDATE" segment he started near the beginning of his show, which became a YouTube sensation, Fox News host Glenn Beck is picking up right where he left off.

Beck, on his March 4 program took on a couple new targets, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown and union labor.

"Comrades! Comrades, there is good news from the Western front," Beck said. "Our glorious revolution is starting to take hold on a global scale. Just listen as Comrade Brown pounded our propaganda into the minds of the clueless capitalist pigs today. Listen up."

Beck played a clip from Brown's address of a joint session of Congress, where the prime minister lobbied for the "world" to work together.

"We should seize this moment, because never before have I seen a world willing to come together so much," Brown said, speaking before the joint session of Congress. "Never before has that been more needed and never before have the benefits of cooperation been so far reaching."

Beck mocked Brown's "collectivist" instinct, but he also invoked the AFL-CIO, a federation of unions made up of 56 national and international unions

"If we could just have the globe all together," Beck said. "Oh, how right he is! Even a child knows that a collective is stronger than individual. That's why you'll be so pleased by the work the agents that we have planted insider our great worker organization, the AFL-CIO."

Beck ridiculed the AFL-CIO, after it was reported on Fox News the organization was holding its winter meetings at the newly refurbished Fontainebleau Hotel luxury resort in Miami Beach, Fla. He also mentioned the organization's efforts to enact the card check system, also known as the Employee Free Choice Act. The legislation is controversial because it would allow workers to join unions by signing cards rather than through secret-ballot elections in which companies can campaign against the union.

"These workers have united at their winter gatherings in Florida to improve life for you, the average worker," Beck said. "Oh, it's great. Wait until you see the opulence. We'll show it to you in a minute. They're touting our card check system. And, believe it or not, the Americans are actually starting to buy it.

According to the March 4 Wall Street Journal, President Barack Obama told AFL-CIO union leaders in a videotaped address the legislation has his "full backing."

"Their fearless leader, Comrade Obama, has even promised the noble workers that he supports our bill. Yes, comrades, the greatest Trojan horse we've conceived might still work after all, but we must stay vigilant. Some capitalists are trying to save their failed state by thwarting the fearless leader's efforts."

Beck joked that organizations like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce try to sway opinion against card check because they claim it would hurt business.

"They say that secret ballots must be protected - secret ballots," Beck added. "You must not listen to their foolish propaganda. They only fear our united front. Comrades! Our time is now."

Beck also joked about the money the federal government is pumping into the banking system to make sure they remain stable, despite questions whether the $700-billion TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) has worked, under the direction of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner that got in trouble over taxes during his confirmation hearings.

"We have them spending trillions to save their precious banks," Beck continued. "We nearly have their senses in the hands of their fearless leader. We have convinced them that those who cheat on their taxes are more important than the average person, so they should be ignored. Let them work, let them work!"

He took a few jabs at Congress, and also said the road to socialism wasn't paved with violence, but instead - fear.

"And their very own agents, our agents are now in Congress," Beck said. "We are very close to our ruling party. The destruction of the West is happening just as we always hoped, but not with violence, no, no - with fear."

"And the best part is it's happening without the fear of their true enemy," Beck said. "What they would call the red slavery of socialism. Ha, ha - I laugh at that. The only thing worse to them, only thing worse than losing millions of lives, apparently is losing trillions of dollars. We have them where they want them, and in their panic, they will succumb."

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