NBC’s Global Warming Magic: Cap-and-Trade to Make Solar Energy Affordable

One of the global warming community's favorite alternative energy resources is solar energy. Since it emits no greenhouse gas, it gives alarmists a warm and fuzzy feeling. However, that feeling has affected NBC's global warming reporter Anne Thompson ability to apply basic economic principles to her stories.

According to Thompson, there are two drawbacks to solar power - 1) You're at the mercy of Mother Nature for sunlight; and 2) It's drastically more expensive than fossil-fuel electricity.

"And there is the matter of price," Thompson said. "The Electric Research Power Institute says this kind of solar power is two to four times more expensive than electricity from natural gas or coal."

But rather than allow the markets to inspire innovation to make solar a more competitive source energy, Thompson told viewers a cap-and-trade system would force carbon-based electricity to be more expensive and therefore make solar power more competitive.

"But if there is a cap on carbon emissions, [Accione Energy, NA CEO Peter] Duprey says that could change," Thompson said.

Duprey told Thompson a carbon cap would make coal plants more expensive, and that would force the cost of solar power down because it would draw more focus as an energy resource.