PBS Questions Palin's Experience, Not Obama's

First NPR and now PBS; the publicly funded media outlets are revealing their respective bias in different ways, but the net result is the same: they favor Barack Obama over John McCain.

Now available on PBS's NOW segment webpage (not to be confused with the National Organization for Women, subject of my post yesterday) is a poll about Governor Sarah Palin. It asks:

Do you think Sarah Palin is qualified to serve as Vice President of the United States?

Considered independently of anything else, this is a fair enough question, such as it is.

However, considered in light of the lack of a similar question about Democratic Presidential nominee, Barack Obama, it becomes a clear case of bias.

Clear headed pundits can reasonably argue about the relative merits of Obama's experience vs. Palin's experience, however, one must always keep in mind the fact that the two are applying for far different jobs. Questions about experience, if raised about one, ought to be raised about the other.

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