Limbaugh Eviscerates Chelsea Clinton's Laughable Claim That She Doesn't Care About Money

You'd think the Clintons would have learned by now that if they keep lobbing meatballs over the plate, Rush Limbaugh will keep cranking them out of the park.

Latest example of that delightful dynamic occurred after it was reported in the New York Daily News that Chelsea Clinton claims she is -- sigh -- indifferent toward money. Yes, the same Chelsea Clinton who, along with equally indifferent hubby, paid $10 million and change for swanky digs in NYC's Gramercy Park. The same Chelsea Clinton who was renumerated to the tune of $600,000 for a sporadic reporting gig at NBC News, despite paltry experience in journalism and while jobs in the industry go the way of the blacksmith. (Audio after the jump)

Few things more quickly incur Limbaugh's wrath than dissembling from the Clintons, but after Hill's ludicrous claim that she and Bill were "dead broke" after they left the White House and struggled to pay mortgages on their mansions, Chelsea's positively Clintonian claim was more than Limbaugh could take, and he cut loose (audio) --

The Chelsea story is in the New York Daily News, "Hillary Clinton insists she isn't well off and now daughter Chelsea" says that she could care less about money -- "I was curious if I could care about money on some fundamental level and I couldn't" , Chelsea told the UK Telegraph, "explaining why she gave up lucrative gigs to join her family's philanthrophic foundation. Comparing her experience to the average millennial, Chelsea Clinton defended jumping around to different careers from consulting to a hedge fund to academia to journalism before finding her true calling working with her parents."

Awww! Her true calling working with her parents is going to guarantee her a lot of money, without having to work for it! Who are they trying to kid here?! But this point, you know, (sarcastically, in guise of elder Clintons) we tried to make Chelsea care about money but she's so good, Chelsea's such a decent person, Chelsea's such a good person, we couldn't make her care, Chelsea doesn't need a dime, she is happy if she's penniless! Chelsea couldn't care less about money! And it's phony, folks! These people are obsessed with it! They are obsessed with being rich and they have been for I don't know how long. And that's why Hillary is stepping in it. But I can't emphasize enough, when she says that we're not well off, she's talking about a world that 99 percent of people on the planet don't understand and can't relate to, and that's the big mistake. She thinks that she is establishing a bond of commonality with the middle class -- we're not well off, who are you kidding?! We pay ordinary income taxes like everybody. No, everybody doesn't pay ordinary income taxes on income of $100 million.

And by the way, Chelsea Clinton, that gig at NBC that she had, does anybody, I mean, she had never had any experience being on television. She had so little experience with the media to begin with because her parents had shielded her, they didn't want any media of her as she was growing up and the media complied with that request, because the media is a bunch of sycophants and they always wanted to stay tight and close to the Clintons for access, so the Clintons said you leave Hillary alone and they did. They never once, there wasn't a profile, there wasn't a story, there was zilch, zero, nada on Chelsea, rather.

So out of the blue Chelsea gets this gig at NBC News, on Dateline or some such, some magazine show, and Brian Williams on the NBC Nightly News in announcing it talks about how he has never somebody take to television so quickly! With no experience! And she was paid, we now have learned that she was paid six hundred thousand dollars for this. That's quite a lot of money to a woman who doesn't care about money.

The Chelsea story possibly qualifies as the second most hilarious thing to ever run in the New York Daily News, but it would be hard to top the funniest. It came in a front-page headline after the Senate acquitted Chelsea's dad back in February 1999 -- CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR.

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