Ed Schultz Steps In It, Boasts That Housework 'Obviously' Beneath Him

Looks like Ed Schultz won't be a guest speaker at any upcoming gatherings of the National Organization for Women. He remains quite willing, however, to let its members clean up after him.

The blustery radio host and self-appointed MSNBC football coach revealed something about himself on his radio show yesterday that surely didn't go over well with roughly half his listeners. (Audio after the jump)

Here's what Schultz said while talking with Mark Graff, owner of Bio Green Clean and a sponsor of Schultz's radio show, and John Nichols, Washington correspondent for The Nation magazine (h/t for audio, Brian Maloney, mrctv.org) --

SCHULTZ: Mark, you gotta be awfully happy with the results that your customers get.

GRAFF: It's the most exciting I've ever been involved in in my life, Ed, and actually, Ed, tell your listeners, why do you think you and I have such a good healthy business relationships (sic) for all these years now?

SCHULTZ: The product's never let me down. I mean, every time I have used it, now obviously I don't, I don't clean the house, you know, uh, I don't mean to be, to have a sexist comment there ...

NICHOLS: Well, that didn't sound good at all there, Ed.

SCHULTZ: I'm not a house cleaning guy!

NICHOLS (distancing himself, as if from foul odor): I'm stepping back, I'm stepping back from this conversation.

SCHULTZ (in full damage control mode): You know, I'm just, I would venture to say that most men aren't house cleaning guys. (Calls to his wife Wendy, who works with him). Honey, am I a house cleaning guy? Do I clean house. Oh, but I am getting a look right now. You're my testimonial right now on this.

NICHOLS: I just saw what I would call a very, uh, stern look.

SCHULTZ: Well, Wendy knows I'm telling the truth, I don't clean the house.

This from a man who lives and breathes to perpetuate the hoary myth of a GOP-led "war on women." Kinda puts Schultz's smear of Laura Ingraham as a "slut" in perspective, don't you think?

In addition to women, you know who else Schultz views with disdain? Ditch diggers. Here's what Schultz said last week about a prominent figure in media who used to work as one (audio) --

I will rip ass on Hannity tonight. I don't need to bring anybody else on as a guest to do it. We will show you the lies that this man has been putting out there. And Roger Ailes, the ditch digger from Ohio, allows Hannity to take him right back into the ditch.

Have I mentioned how Schultz loves to describe his audience as "the people who shower after work"? Ditch diggers, for instance, and house cleaners too, for that matter. For years Schultz has proclaimed himself their working-class hero. Turns out he actually believes that if you do these types of work, you're a zero. What matters most of all is that you keeping voting for Democrats.

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