Ed Schultz: Liberals 'Ecstatic' While Americans Suffer Through Shutdown

Two words tied together that make one of the best arguments around for conservatism -- "Ed Schultz."

The lefty radio talker and MSNBC action hero often rails against the idiocy of others, their only common denominator being that they don't share his reverence for Obama-era redistribution. What makes Schultz so entertaining is that it's only a matter of time during one of his windy rants that he reveals more about his side of the aisle than he intended. (Audio after the jump)

On his radio show yesterday, Schultz was flogging away at the already threadbare talking point that Democrats are marching in lockstep with President Obama during the partial government shutdown while the GOP is a seething den of dissension and back-biting. It turns out, according to Schultz, that liberals are "ecstatic" while Americans suffer through the shutdown.

Psst, Ed, you're supposed to say this when only lefties are listening. (audio) --

This has been so predictable for us. We should have been able to see this coming. And as, I guess, liberals we have to feel pretty good. If you check the Twitter world out this morning, I kind of think, I get a feeling that the Democrats and liberals out there in the Twitter world, we're ecstatic! I mean, the president's holding the line, the Democrats are together, we got resolve, we understand this thing, and we, we, we feel the pain of a lot of people who are being hit by this. It's not right, it's hurting families. I mean, look, when you sit here doing a talk show and listening to people call in and say that they can't make their rent, how do you respond to that?

Here's how Schultz responds -- by cranking Joe Cocker!

A key difference between liberals and conservatives -- liberals measure success by the number of people who are suffering (hence the rationale for endlessly larger government and patronage jobs galore!), conservatives measure it by the number of people who aren't.

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