'Ted Cruz is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed' Declares Unusually Unhinged Thom Hartmann

.... and the envelope please for Most Overwrought Hyperbole from Left-Wing Radio Host Rendered Deranged by Government Shutdown ... the winner is .... Thom Hartmann ... and it was the unanimous decision of our judges! (cue applause)

Alas, Hartmann will be unable to accept the award in person, seeing how the ceremony conflicted with the next round of his strictly monitored medication schedule ... (Audio after the jump).

What exactly did Hartmann say to win such a prestigious honor? Listen here but consider yourself warned, you may want to first ingest iodine as protection from the radiation (h/t for audio, Brian Maloney, mrctv.org) --

Bin Laden pays for it, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed does it or puts it together, and then his suicide band fly into buildings, and in one case into the ground. Charles and David Koch fund it, Ed Meese and (Michael) Needham (CEO of Heritage Action) and Heritage and all these right-wing groups execute it, and fund it, and they put their guy in charge of getting the suicide bombers -- the suicide bombers are the 30 or so members of the tea party caucus in the House of Representatives. The Khalid Sheikh Mohammed for this deal is Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. He's the guy who is orchestrating the thing. He's not gonna get his hands dirty. He's not the one who is the suicide bomber. They're in the House of Representatives. He's in the Senate. And the suicide bombers are, sure enough, I mean, they're like kamikaze pilots. They're flying their planes into the decks of the USS, USS United States of America, bringing down our country. Isn't that sweet?

Wow ... hard to believe anyone would actually say this aloud beyond reach of a frat-house bong late in a three-day weekend.

In the spirit of bringing Hartmann back to the time-space continuum as we know it -- bin Laden and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed were responsible for the murder of thousands of Americans and God only knows how many people who weren't. And yet to Hartmann, their evil predations are indistinguishable from the entirely lawful actions of Republicans refusing to let Democrats cherry-pick the provisions of law they'll enforce, delay, ignore, wish away, etc. -- of which Obamacare is only the most recent example.

Anyone else notice how liberals aren't touting their alleged affection for the Constitution like they did so often when George W. Bush was president? A hunch as to why -- they find its bedrock principle of checks and balances deeply problematic. Especially when acted upon.

Jack Coleman
Jack Coleman
Ex-liberal from People's Republic of Massachusetts