Former Closeted Gay Stephanie Miller Spreads Rumor of Rick Perry as Closeted Gay

... But that's OK because Miller is a liberal radio talker and Perry is a conservative governor. Hence, whatever it takes to demean Perry is justified, even if Miller loses her honor in the process.

Miller, you may recall, told her listeners in August 2010 that she's a lesbian. Having made this particular leap, Miller apparently wants Republican politicians she suspects of being gay to come out of the closet as well, regardless of whether they are so inclined.

Here's a clip of Miller and two of her coat catchers taking part in a sotte voce whispering campaign designed to knock Perry down a peg just in case he jumps into the presidential race and poses a threat to Dear Leader (audio clip below page break, courtesy of The Radio Equalizer) --

MILLER: Is he (Rush Limbaugh) making fun of people's looks?

CHRIS LAVOIE: Looks, yes. Rush Limbaugh of all people.

MILLER: Who better suited to do that? Okay, wow! I'm not really sure that that was sexist or just mean. I don't ...

LAVOIE: All of the above!

MILLER: All right. Hmm.

WARD: And how does that relate to Rick Perry? I don't, what, huh?

LAVOIE: He's (Limbaugh) claiming that liberals are all saying that Rick Perry looks like an alien.

WARD: I've never heard that.

LAVOIE: I've never heard that either. He's pulling ...

MILLER: If he (Perry) turns out to be gay, Rush won't (be?) big friends with him.

LAVOIE: Noted homosexual Rick Perry.

MILLER: No! We don't know that for sure yet, Politico.

... Politico having run a story on possible "re-airing" of unsubstantiated rumors about Perry as gay, making it fair game to Miller. One wonders if it would have been before last August. 

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