Toxic Radio Host Mike Malloy Haunted by Fear of Families Having Fun at Theme Parks

Not surprising, considering this is the same fringe radical who wished Navy SEALS shot George W. Bush and not Osama bin Laden.

After the Orlando city council passed an ordinance that places restrictions on the group Food Not Bombs from feeding the homeless, followed by a legal battle between the city and group, radio host Mike Malloy did what left-wing logic dictates -- he bashed Christians.

Here's Malloy ranting about this during a recent radio broadcast (audio clip after page break) --

Orlando Food Not Bombs, a peace group that actually does something. Their form of protest is to feed hungry people, homeless people, in much the same way that the Christian avatar did. But the city of Orlando doesn't like that. Orlando, if you've never been there, trust me on this, Orlando for the most part, it has the slums but out of the slums are all those workers that, that's where all the workers come from who work for $10 an hour to run all the attractions in Orlando so that when people come to Orlando, you know, big destination city, you take your family and go to the hottest spot in America, temperature wise, other than the desert Southwest, and you get on these stupid-ass rides.

It's the most commercial, phony section of the country you can imagine -- and I'm not talking just about Disney World, I'm also talking about all -- Universal -- all of them down there -- SeaWorld, where you see huge creatures that belong  out in the open ocean living inside of a swimming pool where they do tricks for fish. It's disgusting, it's disgusting.

But the Orlando City Council and the power in Orlando do not like the fact that Food Not Bombs will give away free food to people who are homeless and hungry -- that's not the Christian thing to do. The Christian thing to do is open up another goddamn theme park, that's the Christian thing to do, make it Jesus Land or something! But don't be having homeless people congregate in our public parks! Holy hell, somebody from Minneapolis may drive into town to take the kid to Disney World and see homeless people eating! What could be worse? So they passed an ordinance, very complicated. Groups have to obtain a permit to feed hungry people! And each group that gets a permit can only get two permits a year for each park within a two-mile radius of City Hall!

Oh, OK, so I, what, Food Not Bombs, they get out there with some kind of a pedometer or something? And they mark, OK, are we two miles from City Hall? Oh, OK! You bastards.

Of course, this sort of thing would never happen in Malloy Land, where theme parks would be banished and soup kitchens filled with former theme park employees.

Jack Coleman
Jack Coleman
Ex-liberal from People's Republic of Massachusetts