Los Angeles Radio Host Uses Witch-Hunt Logic to Defend Ed Schultz's Smear of Ingraham

How about that, he's a lawyer to boot.

Angered by Ed Schultz's quick apology and suspension from MSNBC for maligning Laura Ingraham as a "right-wing slut" and 'talk slut," Los Angelese-based radio host Bill Handel has come up with a decidedly peculiar response to the controversy.

Is there "any proof that she's not" a slut, Handel asked on his KFI AM radio show.

It was such a warped take on Schultz's remarks that even Handel's presumably like-minded radio show sidekicks didn't agree with him. (audio clip below page break).

What about those who label President Obama a traitor and say he should be tried as such, "that's OK?" Handel demanded.

"That's not any good either," answered one of Handel's morning team. "But you just can't go around calling women who are (crosstalk) a slut."

"Yeah you can!" Handel brayed. "Yes you can! And by the way, we don't have any proof that she's not."

"But on what basis?" asked another Handel colleague. "I mean, if he had actually been talking about some sort of sex scandal with her, maybe ..."

Clearly this was more common sense than Handel could grasp.

"There is no proof she is not a slut," Handel responded, digging in his heels.

The exchange can be heard in the embedded audio, courtesy of Brian Maloney who first reported on this at The Radio Equalizer.

"At one time, Handel was considered by some to be moderately conservative," Maloney writes, "but in recent years he's marched steadily leftward. In particular, he's known for slamming Rush Limbaugh at every opportunity."

In addition to his morning radio show, Handel also broadcasts a weekend radio program where he dispenses legal advice based on his experience as a lawyer.

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