Wrong Yet Again, Ed Schultz - It is Illegal for Teachers to Strike in Michigan

MSNBC action hero Ed Schultz is really on a roll.

On his cable show Monday, Schultz claimed that federal tax revenue declined in the seven years following the start of the Bush tax cuts in 2001, a patently bogus assertion demolished by NewsBuster Noel Sheppard.

All of 24 hours later, Schultz stepped in it once more with his revisionist history of federal spending over the last two decades and was again eviscerated by Sheppard.

On his radio show yesterday, self-proclaimed working class hero Schultz showed that his shabby disregard for accuracy also extends to labor union laws, specifically those in Michigan. Here's what Schultz had to say (audio) --

The attack on labor continuing now in the state of Michigan, I see.  The House Committee righties on education throwing out couple of bills aimed at just sticking it to teachers who strike illegally. Michigan Education Association, the state's largest teachers' union, is considering that they might have to do a walkout because they've been treated like garbage by the right wingers in that state. There's a bill introduced by a dude named Bill Rogers, a righty in Michigan, who would allow for a teacher who strikes to have their teaching license suspended for two years or revoked altogether! He pointed out that the Detroit Free Press that students can get expelled for breaking rules. Are they breaking the rule by striking? I don't think so.

"I don't think so," Schultz claims. More accurately, Schultz doesn't think, lest it threaten his rock-solid certitude of always being right.

But as even that right-wing rag The Huffington Post reports, alas, it is illegal for teachers to strike in Michigan. From a HuffPo story on Wednesday --

Even though teacher strikes are illegal under state law, Republican lawmakers say strikes handled at the local level often go unpunished, the Associated Press reports.

Are you breaking a rule, Ed? That you are -- by your incessant braying about deceit from Republicans when honesty is not a standard you apply to yourself.  As you pointed out last night on "The Ed Show" -- "There are lies and then there are facts."  (audio)

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