Ed Schultz: Hate Speech to Call Me Fat, Fair Game When I Malign Chris Christie for Same

Liberal radio host and aspiring MSNBC flamethrower Ed Schultz remains unrivalled as a bottomless pit of buffoonery.

It's not just the most recent example, as described by NewsBusters' Mark Finkelstein, of a hefty Schultz maligning New Jersey governor Chris Christie as a "cold-hearted fat slob."

Weeks earlier, back on Sept. 1, Schultz said this on MSNBC's "The Ed Show" about criticism he'd received from fans of Glenn Beck (hat tip to Pam Key at The Blaze for embedded video) --

SCHULTZ: By the way, I do want to mention the fact that I've gotten a lot of emails from Beck's fans, I guess, and they always like to say I'm fat, hey you fat. I just want you to know that I was fat right after college, I've been fat for a long time, I was fat yesterday, I'm fat today, I'm going to be fat tomorrow. Why? Because I like to eat stuff. I'm kind of a normal American and I get passionate about issues when I see jobs that are being shipped out overseas.

You Beck supporters that have been leaving me hate voicemails and hate emails, bring it on baby, just bring it on. I got the truth on my side.

... and one helluva chip on his shoulder when it comes to Christie, as evident on Schultz's radio show yesterday.

First, here's Schultz talking about reaction to his "cold-hearted fat slob" slander of Christie (audio here) --

I have to admit, as much as that has taken place on 'The Ed Show' in recent months, I'm surprised that this is getting the Huffington Post attention that it's getting 'cause I normally don't get any attention on Huffington Post. I guess you just have to call somebody a cold-hearted fat slob.

... at which point even Huffington Post decides they'll make an exception from their usual policy of ignoring Schultz as a bellowing embarrassment to liberals.

Schultz proceeded to describe Christie's confrontation with a heckler at a rally for California GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman (audio here) --

You know, Christie, he was treating those people in the crowd like a pack of rats, like saying, hey come follow me, I'm the big rat on the block, I'm gonna get in this guy's face and I'm gonna point at him and that'll be signal for all of you to back me up on this. It's the body language and of course he's got a lot of it. Now, I've (laughs), I've been enjoying the blog traffic over the weekend because I'm fat too. I ain't as fat as him! You know?! (laughs) Anybody who's fat can speak with authority.

More on Christie challenging the heckler (audio) --

He is an out of touch, smug bully. Out of touch because he has no solutions for education, smug bully because we've seen how he works a crowd. And he has absolutely no respect for the people that are part of the process. He didn't care. He was going to talk down and shout that guy down. That's exactly what he did. Instead of going over and say, sir, OK, hold on a second, you want something asked, all right, all right. He couldn't manage it. He managed it with anger and he tried to put fear in the guy. And that's who they are. He's a slob. He just wallowed all over that town hall meeting, threw his weight around, in character, and expects everybody to respect him.

As Schultz continued talking about Christie yesterday, it became clear the hinges were loosening (audio) --

The point in this is that Christie is dangerous to America, on a number of different fronts. If you're against the American worker, if you're against people getting a paycheck, if you think it's all about the top 2 percent, you're not American!

... leading to this gem of left-wing gender and racial McCarthyism (audio) --

Equal opportunity is a commitment that this country made decades and centuries ago. Equal opportunity, hell, under Chris Christie, women probably wouldn't even be voting if he had his way! Under Chris Christie, we'd probably have people still in the back of the bus.

Seize him! Which is how criticism would be handled "under" Ed Schultz.

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