Schultz Radio Show Caller Epitomizes Infantile, Alarming Liberal Rage

The Chicago way indeed.

Listen to a caller to Ed Schultz's radio show on Tuesday for an example of how liberals were unhinged by the offyear elections before results were even announced (click here for audio) --

SCHULTZ: John in Chicago, you're on the Ed Schultz show, thanks for calling.

CALLER:  Ed, I am out of my mind with anger and frustration. We gotta tell these Democrats to sack up and grow a pair because this is not what I voted for, I know it's not what you voted for, I know it's not what any of my progressive friends voted for. The difference between the progressives of the '60s, the peace and love, and the progressives of today is that we are gun-totin', we are angry and we're not afraid to take a punch. These Democrats are pissed, they are angry because the Democrats, those weak-ass, water-filled, pantywaist Democrats in Washington, they're not willing to not even take a punch! They're afraid they're going to get hit and they're going to bleed.

Well guess what? That's not what makes this country great. What makes this country great is that you've got people out there that are willing to stand up and take a hit because they know it's right. And if we don't pass health care, it's not gonna because, it's not gonna be because we don't have the intestinal fortitude, the grapes, to get up and say, you know what?, Joe Lieberman, you're gone! It doesn't matter! It doesn't matter if we need the 60 votes. You know what? We'll get 'em next time around because this is too important.

Better to go down and choke the rivers with our dead than to win nothing.

Lemme guesse, who's the caller quoting -- the Rev. Jim Jones? Kurtz from "Heart of Darkness"? Hitler in his bunker?

Did Schultz rein in the caller -- and risk derailing a buffoonish, bellicose soulmate? Heck no! (click here for audio of second clip, with overlap from end of first clip) --

CALLER:  Better to go down and choke the rivers with our dead than to win nothing.

SCHULTZ: I'm starting to think that the president is somewhat archaic in his view on how to get things done in Washington.

CALLER: I, this is not, this is not what LBJ would have done. LBJ would have threatened every single one of their jobs. He would have gone down there, he says, you're going to do it my way or else you're going to get your, you're going to be updating your resume come the middle of November. This is ridiculous! Because the Republicans would never do this. The Republicans would essentially put everybody in a room and say, you're going to vote our way or else you're going to end up in the bottom of the political river!

SCHULTZ: What do you want Obama to do with Joe Lieberman?

CALLER: I want Obama to tell Harry Reid to take him out to the woodshed and make sure there's no skin left on his ass.

SCHULTZ: You want to, you want to just tell him that, look, it's been real, Joe, but it ain't real any more (crosstalk) And your chairmanship is gone and I'm gonna come out and rip your ass and I'm going to let you have it and you're going to vote this way or what, you know. You think he should do that?

CALLER:  I think he should go out and he should say to Joe Lieberman, Joe, it's been real but now, you've crossed us one too many times, you showed us up one too many times. Because really, it's not in some, victory is important, but it is more important that we create the brand, they talk about the Republican brand, when you talk about the Democratic brand, and get away from this (with heavy sarcasm), oh we're, we just, you know, we want to make sure that everybody's OK. Screw everybody! (Schultz chuckles)

Elections have consequences, we won, everybody else can sit down! Thank you very much for playing, Joe Lieberman. You're either on the winning team or you're on the opposing team and you are, you're finished, you're done. So, I would, if I was President Obama, I'd say Joe, you either vote our way or I'm going to make sure that you are out of a job in your next election. And until then you have absolutely no power. You might as well be sweeping the floors of the Senate, Joe, because you are persona non grata in the Senate. So we got 59 votes, that's fine, we'll move on.

SCHULTZ: Good to have you on, John, appreciate your call. Stay with us, folks, so much more coming up on a very emotional day.

Ever notice how often liberals denigrate those they claim to protect -- "You might as well be sweeping the floors of the Senate ..."

Schultz was so enamored of the caller's sentiments that he used them in a promo on his radio show yesterday (here for audio) -- 

SCHULTZ: Stay with us, this is where America comes to talk, the Ed Schultz show.

ANNOUNCER: Ed Schultz, where America comes to talk!

CALLER: ... Those weak-ass, water-filled, pantywaist Democrats in Washington, they're not willing to not even take a punch!

What with its potential for tying them in nots!

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