Chris Matthews: Obama's Berlin Speech Had 'Thrill Factor'

Barack Obama is still giving Chris Matthews thrills. On Thursday night's "Hardball," before throwing to an Obama clip, Matthews gave the following rave review, on his July 24 show, to the Illinois senator's speech in Germany:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: What, what do you make of this? Let's take another bite here because it was quite a speech. You have to judge for yourself but the speech had its thrill factor, certainly once again. Here he was.

However Matthews wasn't in such a jovial mood near the end of the program. Looking over new battleground polls, showing Obama with a lead, Matthews joined guest Bob Herbert in fearing the "polls aren't as accurate as we'd like to think they are."

BOB HERBERT, NEW YORK TIMES COLUMNIST: Obama should be 15 or 20 or a Democrat should be 15 or 20 percent ahead in the poll, at this stage of the race. And the second thing is I don't trust these polls. I think Obama's numbers are a little bit lower than the polls show and I think McCain's numbers are a little bit higher.

MATTHEWS: That's my fear too. And looking at it I think these polls aren't as accurate as we'd like to think they are.


Geoffrey Dickens
Geoffrey Dickens
Geoffrey Dickens is the Deputy Research Director at the Media Research Center.