Wherever in the World Matt is He's Worrying About His Carbon Footprint

NBC's Matt Lauer appeared live from Buenos Aires, Argentina as part of the latest installment of the "Today" show's "Where In The World Is Matt Lauer?" ratings gimmick and he went out of his way to assuage viewers that NBC News was doing their part to stay "green" in his travels.

Prompted by an e-mailer's question, read by co-host Meredith Vieira, Lauer assured the "Today" audience that they were going to purchase "carbon off-sets," as he dutifully noted: "We are taking great note of a green side of this trip, as much as humanly possible."

The following exchange occurred on the April 28, "Today" show:

MEREDITH VIEIRA: Listen I've got some e-mail questions that have been coming. And first off is Shaun from Jersey City, New Jersey, and he, who asks, "I have not heard any mention on how Matt Lauer plans to offset his carbon footprint from his upcoming trip around the world. I'm surprised that you have not incorporated a 'green' perspective into this year's trip?" What do you have to say, Matt?

MATT LAUER: Well you know what, that's very good. Now it's a very interesting point. We are actually very concentrated on that. We are calculating all of our air travel. Not just my air travel but every NBC employee who is flying as a part of this trip. We're calculating that air travel and the we are purchasing carbon off-sets. We're gonna take that money and we're gonna contribute to causes that help promote cleaner forms of energy all around the world. So yes we are, we are taking great note of a green side of this trip, as much as humanly possible, Meredith.

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