Times Watch Quotes of Note - 'Far Right' Angle on G.O.P. Senate Candidate from Nevada

"Far-Right" Angle on G.O.P. Senate Candidate From Nevada

"But on the other hand some of these women are, like in Nevada, against Harry Reid, Sharron Angle has, she's a Tea Party candidate who's given Democrats renewed hope of saving Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, from what was looking to be near certain defeat, because she is so extreme....The Democrats generally at first blush on Wednesday morning when the results were in were happy that both Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, looks newly secure because the Nevada Republicans had nominated such an extreme, Tea Party-type member." -- Reporter Jackie Calmes in a June 10 "Political Points" podcast.

"Among her detractors and her supporters [Angle] is known as a far-right conservative and a thorn in the side of both parties, routinely voting no on almost everything that came before the Legislature." -- Reporter Jennifer Steinhauer, June 10.

G.O.P. Already Doomed

"Some critics are already asking Republican leaders how they managed to let a promising election season get so mightily out of control." -- June 10 front-page teaser to a story by Matt Bai on Republican election prospects for November.

"Classic Campaign Gaffe" by Carly Fiorina

"In one of those classic campaign gaffes, Carly Fiorina, the Republican nominee for the Senate seat held by Barbara Boxer, the California Democrat, was caught mocking Ms. Boxer's hair into an open microphone on Wednesday. She also had a few tough words about the newly minted Republican candidate for governor and her B.F.F.-on-the-stump, Meg Whitman. Ms. Fiorina's comments were, all told, really no more incendiary than a bit of warm pasta salad -- who hasn't indulged in some off-the-record chitchat about the grooming habits of others now and then? But they presented her with a political problem that could haunt her throughout the campaign....They both inform and confirm the image from her days as chief executive at Hewlett-Packard that she is tart and unpleasant."-- Jennifer Steinhauer, June 11. The Times never mentioned Democratic candidate for governor Jerry Brown likening his G.O.P. opponent Meg Whitman to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

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