Liberal Muckraker at BusinessWeek thinks Obama is Good for Business

BusinessWeek, one of the leading business publications on the market, has come out with a piece that blatantly panders to the Obama crowd called "Is Barack Obama Good for Business?". Look at the source breakdown for the article:

2 quotes from Democratic Consultants (including the subtitle)
0 quotes from Republican Consultants

1 Example of a CEO who likes Obama and corresponds with him regularly
0 Examples of CEOs who disagree with Obama or even think Clinton is better

1 Quote from the head of a Chamber of Commerce about Obama’s character
0 Quotes from anyone about the damaging effects of Obama’s liberal policies in Illinois

The piece is riddled with regurgated talking points about "tax cuts for the rich" and rosy character quotes. Disappointing to say the least. For more detailed analysis article including the liberal muckracking background of the author, click here.


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