MSNBC Sees GOP 'War on Voting,' FNC Viewers 'Dumb Enough to Believe' Obama Scandals

On the Friday, April 11, PoliticsNation on MSNBC, host Al Sharpton led the show by pushing the liberal mantra that Republicans are in a "war on voting" as he highlighted President Obama's speech earlier that day to Sharpton's own left-wing National Action Network organization on the subject of voting rights.

And later in the show, as Sharpton hosted a segment dismissing the various Obama administration scandals, guest and liberal talk radio host Bill Press accused FNC audience members of being "dumb" as he asserted that California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa should be "on the payroll" of FNC head Roger Ailes.

Sharpton began the show:

Tonight's lead, President Obama's passionate fight for rights. Just a short time ago, the President spoke before my civil rights group, the National Action Network. In an emotional, forceful address, he called out Republicans who are waging a war on voting.

After playing a clip of President Obama, the MSNBC host fretted:

We have got to pay attention to this because what we're seeing is a brazen assault on voting rights. Already this year, lawmakers in 19 states have introduced bills to scale back voting rights, in key swing states like Ohio, like Wisonsin, like Colorado. And too many people have marched and fought and died to simply let that happen.

During a later segment with liberal talk radio hosts Bill Press and Joe Madison, Sharpton posed:

Bill, I think that when you look at the fact that they have made unprecedented attacks and personal in nature on this President and this Attorney General, I think most Americans see what this venom is all about.

Press trashed FNC viewers in his response:

Well, except those who watch Fox News, Reverend Al, I have to say. And I think that's their sole audience. In fact, I think Darrell Issa might as well be on the payroll of Roger Ailes. He's just keeping these hearings going so Fox and Friends has something to talk about in the morning. I think it's as simple as that. That's their audience, and they keep running the same stuff over and over and over again, and those people who watch it are dumb enough to believe it.

Brad Wilmouth
Brad Wilmouth is a contributing blogger to NewsBusters