CBS's Pelley Notes History of Presidents Invoking Executive Privilege

On Wednesday's CBS Evening News, after a report in which it was noted that the Obama administration has invoked executive privilege over the investigation into the Fast and Furious scandal, anchor Scott Pelley related the history of other Presidents taking similar measures.

After tying in George Washington, Pelley ended up informing viewers that Bill Clinton had used similar tactics 14 times - more than twice the number of Richard Nixon and George W. Bush. Pelley:

You know, we were curious about which Presidents invoked executive privilege the most. The research department tells us every President, including Washington, has tried to keep information from Congress. In modern times, Richard Nixon invoked executive privilege six times, half of those over the Watergate investigation. President George W. Bush, also six times. And Bill Clinton, 14 times, about half of those involving investigations of the President's personal conduct.

Brad Wilmouth
Brad Wilmouth is a contributing blogger to NewsBusters