Michael Moore Describes Himself as 'Bigot' Against Wall Street

Appearing as a guest on Wednesday's Colbert Report on Comedy Central to plug his memoir, Here Comes Trouble, left-wing film maker Michael Moore used a provocative choice of words to describe his feelings toward Wall Street and conservatives who oppose regulations against businesses as he declared that "I'm a bigot against people like you that support Wall Street and corporations..."

Moore seemed to play along with host Stephen Colbert's regular shtick as an exaggerated conservative commentator, since the liberal activist smiled and laughed during much of the segment as he sparred with the faux-conservative over corporations.

Below is a transcript of the relevant exchange when Moore chose to describe himself as a "bigot":

STEPHEN COLBERT: What excites me about this is that parents can read this book, stories from your childhood, and use it as a cautionary tale to make sure our children don't turn into you because, Michael, you've got to know at this point it is over. Liberalism has lost, and you stand as a walking, living, breathing, cautionary tale. A decaying Don Quixote still tilting at his windmills. With every turn of the spar, you are driven down into the mud. Send yourself a letter while the post office is still here, Michael. It's over. It's over, Mickey. Your response.

MICHAEL MOORE: I'm afraid it's your side that's over. You have - your, not you personally, but your people -

COLBERT: Oh, "your people." That's racist. Go ahead, go ahead, yeah, yeah, you can't tell any Irish people apart. Go ahead.

MOORE: I'm a bigot against people like you that support Wall Street and corporations and (INAUDIBLE)

COLBERT: The job creators. You hate job creators. Go ahead.

MOORE: The job elimators, which iswhat your people are, and, yes, I am a bigot against all of you.

Stephen Colbert