Olbermann Uses 'Mash-Up Bag of Meat' Term on Football Night in America

Several weeks ago, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann used the bizarre – and arguably disturbing – term "big mashed-up bag of meat with lip stick on it" to refer to Michelle Malkin as he slammed the conservative blogger, leaving some wondering where his idea for such a crude term came from. This question remains unanswered, but, notably, on Sunday’s Football Night in America on NBC, as he recited plays between the Houston Texans and the Indianapolis Colts, Olbermann used a similar term to refer to Kris Brown of the Houston Texans after he failed to score, calling Brown "a big bag full of mashed-up Kris Brown," as he was lying on the ground. (Hat tip to Clint Bradford for emailing in the tip.)

It was on the Tuesday, October 13, Countdown show on MSNBC that Olbermann compared Malkin to a "big mashed-up bag of meat with lip stick on it" during the show's "Worst Person in the World" segment.

Below is a transcript of the relevant portion of the November 8 Football Night in America pregame:

KEITH OLBERMANN: And then the Texans with a final drive, looking to set it on the shoulder and the feet of that guy, Kris Brown, [Matt] Schaub, Andre Johnson, seven yards, 14 seconds left, Schaub, Jacoby Jones eight yards down to the 24, and since Brown made it from 56, this should be a piece of cake. Kris Brown from 42 for the tie after the spike. They set it up for Brown to tie this game up in the waning second and he messes. Looks like a big bag full of mashed-up Kris Brown, and Indianapolis prevails by 20-17.

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