Joy Behar Chides: 'Bitch' Insult Was 'Mistake,' 'I Reserve That Word for People I Know and Love'

Joy Behar admits she made a "mistake," sort of.

After angrily denouncing Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle (R) as a "bitch" who will "go to Hell" for her "Hitler youth commercial" in which she criticizes Democrat Harry Reid's position on illegal immigration, "The View" co-host sarcastically retracted part of her joyless insult.

"I really shouldn't have called her a bitch because to me that's a term of endearment," snickered Behar. "I reserve that word for people that I know and love. That was a mistake and I take it back. I mean, the fact that she approved a racist ad, that is the point that I wanted to get through to the people – not the word bitch."

Video embedded after the page break:

As News Busters reported this morning, Angle sent Behar a bouquet of flowers thanking the comedienne for helping her campaign raise $150,000 in online campaign contributions.

For the record, Behar still believes Angle will burn in Hell for putting her seal of approval on a "racist" campaign spot.