After MSNBC President Claims Channel Doesn't Support Libs, Network Gives Free Time to Ad

Just days after MSNBC President Phil Griffin claimed his cable network does not use air-time to support Democratic candidates and liberal causes, evening host Lawrence O'Donnell yielded over two minutes of his eponymous program to feature's latest anti-Republican advertisement in its entirety.

O'Donnell introduced the partisan attack ad as a get-out-the-vote push: "Sometimes you have to take unusual steps to get out the vote., with the help of actors Olivia Wilde from 'House' and Romany Malco from 'Weeds,' has produced a warning from the future to show you what could happen if Republicans win this election because you didn't vote."

After playing the entire ad uninterrupted, which urged voters to "STOP THE REPUBLICAN TAKEOVER!!" and predicted that if the GOP takes back control of Congress in November because liberals don't go to the polls, Republicans will merge with "the big corporations that fund them to create RepubliCorp," the MSNBC host immediately cut to a commercial break.

Instead of analyzing the attack ad on its merits, O'Donnell gave free ad time.

"Show me an example of us fundraising," Griffin challenged critics in a recent interview. While O'Donnell did not directly appeal to voters to donate to the left-wing political group, this blatant display of partisanship is at odds with Griffin's contention that MSNBC does not openly cheerlead for liberal interests. Liberals & Democrats Conservatives & Republicans Political Groups Corporate Liberalism Media Bias Debate 2012 Presidential 2010 Governors 2010 Congressional Campaigns & Elections Other MSNBC MSNBC Lawrence O'Donnell