Tim Allen: Obama's 'Turned into an Eight-Year Nightmare'

Maybe ABC got a message from the higher ups that the show Last Man Standing was getting a little too conservative and anti-Obama for their liking. This week for the first time this season, in the episode "Home Sweet Loan," when Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) gave a great line mocking Obama, his hippy-dippy liberal son-in-law came back with a rejoinder defending him: 

-Mike: I thought you guys were thinking of moving out and buying a house. Boyd would be able to play in a yard instead of going to the park to look at girls'...minds. 

-Kristin: Yeah, we're not really in a rush. We have a five-year plan. 

-Mike: Well, sometimes, plans don't work out like that. I had a four-year plan with Obama. It's turned into an eight-year nightmare. 

-Ryan: My nightmare is being buried alive, and yours is eight years of prosperity? That's weird. 

-Mike: I just don't like the guy. Get off my back. 

Ok, so the idea that Obama gave us eight years of prosperity IS a complete joke that had me LOLing - just not in the way the liberal writers were intending.

Alexa Moutevelis Coombs
Alexa is MRC Culture's On TV blog editor. She has previously worked for Students for Life for America and Citizens United Productions.