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On the 1 December 2014 edition of At This Hour, CNN's Brian Stelter brushed aside a regular conservative critique about the media – that the press has a double standard about covering controversial remarks from Republican/conservative officials, while ignoring similar comments from Democrats/liberals. Stelter, replying to a Republican flack's attack on the news coverage of GOP staffer Elizabeth Lauten's critique of the Obama daughters, asserted that "this was about a slow news cycle.

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[See NewsBusters for more.] ObamaCare has yet another problem, but one wouldn't know it from the networks. ABC and NBC on Monday ignored a new Washington Post report finding that small businesses are not embracing the President's health care law. CBS This Morning covered the story, but only for a scant 15 seconds. 

The November 28 edition of NBC Nightly News devoted more than two minutes to outcry over the New York Times choosing a grape salad as Minnesota's favorite Thanksgiving food, when most in the state had never even heard of it. As reporter Kevin Tibbles explained:

[See NewsBusters for more.] Fox News anchor Sean Hannity and his guests on Thursday night slammed the New York Times for printing key details about Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson's home address. An angry Hannity attacked, "If anything happens to that man, his family, or that home...the culpability is with them."

[See NewsBusters for more.] Someone at CBS News is obsessed with pot. This Morning on Wednesday again touted the wonder of legalized marijuana in Colorado. This time, there was a holiday theme. Co-host Jeff Glor enthused, "...Shoppers are already hearing about Green Friday bargains. The green is for marijuana." An ABC graphic promoted, "Merry Marijuana: Pot Merchants Cash in on Christmas Cannabis."  

Video cross-posted here at NewsBusters. On Wednesday morning, the Environmental Protection Agency is set to issue new regulations on ozone emissions by factories that could cost the U.S. economy billions of dollars in lost growth. Despite the potential harm that these regulations could have to the U.S. economy, ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Today ignored the story on their Wednesday morning broadcasts.

Video cross-posted here at NewsBusters. On Tuesday night, Cornell Brooks, president of the NAACP, appeared on CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront to discuss the shooting death of Michael Brown and seemed to dismiss calls for violence by a member of Michael Brown’s immediately. Burnett played video of Brown’s stepfather telling a crowd of protestors to “burn this bi*** down” after the grand jury decided not to indict Officer Darren Wil

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[See NewsBusters for more.] According to MSNBC panelist Mychal Denzel Smith, the problem with the Ferguson decision is that people are not dealing with the inherent "racism" and "white supremacy" of America. He explained, "The foundation of this country is racism and white supremacy and all of our institutions uphold that." 

Video cross-posted here at NewsBusters.

On the November 10 NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams proudly told viewers that longtime anchor Tom Brokaw was among those to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.