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Since President Trump’s press conference in Helsinki on Monday, many in the liberal media have hyperventilated about how his lack of aggression toward Russian President Putin makes him somehow guilty of treason.

***To read the full blog, please check out the complete post on NewsBusters***

***To read the full blog, please check out the complete post on NewsBusters***

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Ari Melber is the latest liberal cable-news host to bathe in the warm waters of George Will's contempt for the Trump administration. Will's latest column, Melber said, pitched Trump as a "baby" who needs Vladimir Putin's day care. 

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During Wednesday's edition of New Day, panelist John Avlon referred to Fox News as President Trump's "affirmation media organ." Avlon's remarks came following a question from co-host Alisyn Camerota asking why the President decided to walk back his remarks on Russia in contrast to the "doubling down" that usually occurs when "some sort of conflagration" takes place.  Avlon responded by saying "I think he lost Fox, his official affirmation media

During Wednesday's edition of CNN's New Day, guest David Gregory accused President Trump of "treating the Presidency as some sort of play pen."  Gregory also repeated the standard left-wing talking point that the President has dictatorial tendencies, saying "he's so infatuated with the idea of strong men on the world stage."  

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On MSNBC’s All In Tuesday night, and then again on CNN’s New Day Wednesday morning, Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut repeated his claims that the current moment is comparable to 9/11. Each time, the hosts failed to ask him to clarify or add nuance to his extreme statement. 

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