Shepard Smith Unhinged, Claims Trump Staff Was Calling Russia During Hackings

The media were at DEFCON three Thursday following a lengthy and heated press conference with President Donald Trump where he went toe-to-toe with the biased press. Trump’s tongue lashing of the media had Fox News’ Shepard Smith frothing at the mouth with anger as he accused the president with a dubious smear during his show. “Your opposition was hacked and the Russians were responsible for it and your people were on the phone with Russia the same day it was happening and we're fools asking the questions,” he shouted with claims no report had ever made.

No, sir, we're not fools for asking this question and we demand to know the answer to this question. You owe this to the American people,” Smith continued to yell. But no report had ever made the claim that Trump’s campaign staff was on the phone with Russian intelligence “the same day” the hacks were happening.

Un-ironically, Smith chastised the president for spewing “demonstrably, unquestionably, 100 percent, opinion aside, false” statements. Smith seemed to try and make the connections that many in the media hope are there but have not been found by the FBI. According to the leaked information from the FBI investigation, there has been no evidence discovered of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials.

That’s what Smith would call a “demonstrable truth.” The Fox News host went on to lecture the president about the importance of telling the truth:

Your supporters will support you either way. If your people were on the phone, what were your people saying? We have a right to know. We absolutely do. And that you call us fake news and put us down like children for asking these questions on behalf of the American people. It's inconsequential. The people deserve that answer at very least.

Smith was also put off by Trump’s tussle with CNN’s Jim Acosta. He praised Acosta by stating that he’s “an accomplished reporter, a guy I’ve never met but a good reporter. I mean, treating him like he's -- I'm not going to use the word. I'm not going to give Twitter love it needs.

True, it is an important issue that needs to be answered. But flying off the handle into hyperbole and spouting off lies does little to help the situation, and only serves to exacerbate tensions. The FBI is investigating their communications so there will be an answer to the press’s questions one way or another.