CNN Panelist: WHCD Is ‘a Blight on the Republic,’ Dem Party ‘Worship Center’

Things got painfully real for the liberal media during CNN’s New Day Sunday after Nick Adams, Founder of the Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness, called out the White House Correspondent’s Dinner for being “a Democratic Party worship center.” “But, I think that there's no reason for the President to go on this particular occasion,” Adams explained, after being asked if Trump should attend the lavish liberal event, “I know that it's a long-standing tradition, but in recent years it’s become a blight on the republic.

You know, I think the oligarchic spectacle of the fourth-estate, dressing up in a white tie to celebrate themselves accompanied by various celebrities--” he continued before being rudely cut off by flabbergasted New Day Sunday co-host Christi Paul. “You mean it’s inappropriate? You think it's inappropriate? I don't understand why you call it a blight,” she said.

He then scorned the event as “a Democratic Party worshiping center” and recalled how the event’s lampooning was harsher on Republicans. “I mean, when we have a look at what has happened in recent years, Republican presidents are mocked in a brutal way, while Democratic presidents are soothed and patted like family pets,” a point which was proven when Paul previously hyped and cut to a clip of former President Barack Obama mocking Trump at the dinner.

Paul was still shocked as she interrupted Adams again and tried to find something to come back with. “But Nick—I mean—we’ve – we’ve had all the other – I mean -- both President Bush’s have been up there. Clinton has been up there. We—it’s kind of an equal opportunity roasting to some degree. Is it not,” she finally managed to ask. He responded by reminding the viewers that according to Gallup that “trust in the media is at an all-time low…

The CNN co-host was so befuddled that when she spouted off about Trump’s negative approval ratings (as compared to the media’s) she kept referring to him as “Obama.” “There may be a low trust in the media there's also a low trust with President Obama as well, and a 38 percent favorability rate for President Obama.

She then tried to stick Adams with a clip of White House Chief Strategist Steven Bannon commenting at CPAC about the media not wanting to give up control of the country. Adams shot her down with help from a Media Research Center study:

Well, Christi look, I think it's very clear that President Trump has an agenda that many journalists in this country don't like. It's no secret that journalists are far more liberal than the rest of the United States. And I don't think it would surprise anybody to know that the Media Research Center discovered that if only journalists could vote, we would only get Democratic presidents. So I think that there's a gulf between journalists and Middle America.

The MRC’s study noted that “Between 1964 and 1992, Republicans won the White House five times compared with three Democratic victories. But if only journalists’ ballots were counted, the Democrats would have won every single election.”

I don't know you can – you can generalize all journalists as – as being liberal,” Paul declared before handing the attack over to Amanda Terkel, a senior political reporter from the radically liberal Huffington Post. “I mean, the agenda of the media that Trump doesn't like is presenting the facts, whether or not they make Donald Trump look very good,” Terkel claimed.

As much as CNN wanted to whine about Trump not attending the dinner, Adams’ quip that the event is a gathering of an elite “oligarchy” is a criticism that can be found on the left as well. In May of last year, the very liberal Bob Garfield tore into CNN’s Brian Stelter and declared the event “ethically questionable,” because “[e]verybody's too cozy and it's hard for the press to fulfill its watchdog function if you're palling around with people who you can't even ask a journalistic question of.”