ABC Targets Trump Supporters After Weekend Rallies Turn Violent

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On Saturday, supporters of the President gathered in locations all around the country for Make America Great Again rallies and marches. But with radical leftists in attendance at some rallies, violence erupted. But according to ABC’s Good Morning America on Sunday, it would appear that the Trump supporters were to blame. “All this as tensions grow higher than ever been Trump supporters and protesters. The fresh violence at rallies. Protesters tackled and beaten,” claimed Paula Farris during the show’s opening tease.

They released a dove in Huntington Beach, California promoting peace,” Farris noted when they finally made it to the story. But she then lamented that “However, a short while later, scuffles broke out with counter-protesters.

Reporter David Wright followed Farris’ lead and rambled on about the protesters. “In Ohio, California, And even the Jersey Shore, fistfights and mayhem at pro-Trump rallies, as protesters clash with supporters,” he reported as he played a clip of anti-Trump protesters chanting “No Trump. No KKK. No fascist USA.

In Huntington Beach, California a protester allegedly pepper-sprayed one of the organizers,” he said sounding doubtful, “Witnesses say a group of flag-waving Trump supporters tackled him and proceeded to beat him up.”