After a contentious White House briefing in which NBC reporter Peter Alexander derided the President for “giving Americans false hope,” Meet the Press anchor Chuck Todd on Friday darkly warned that the “pressure” might be “getting to” Donald Trump. During the briefing, Alexander demanded, “Is it possible that your impulse to put a positive spin on things may be giving Americans a false sense of hope by misrepresenting the preparedness right now?” Using the attack question as proof, Todd later asked Alexander, “Is the pressure getting to the President here? He seems very defensive.”

During Friday’s coronavirus press conference at the White House, NBC correspondent Peter Alexander decided that it was more important to get into an argument with President Trump than actually keep the American people informed about the global pandemic. The reporter began his nasty line of questioning by accusing the President of spreading “false hope” – until Trump shut him down.

For yet another day, the American people tuning in Friday into the White House Coronavirus Task Force daily briefing saw another embarrassing display of self-centeredness by groaning journalists about how President Donald Trump doesn’t like them. Along with the now-infamous exchange with NBC’s Peter Alexander, Friday’s egotists included CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, the Associated Press’s Jill Colvin, and taxpayer-funded reporter Yamiche Alcindor from PBS.

Washington Post scribe Robin Givhan is supposed to do fashion writing, but it's always smarter to see her as a political columnist who uses fashion as an inspiration. This latest column has almost zero to do with fashion. The headline is:"Why won’t Trump practice social distancing at his daily briefings?!" Question mark, exclamation point....another liberal opinion.

After President Trump took time during Thursday’s coronavirus press conference to criticize the blatantly biased media coverage of his administration’s response to the global pandemic, Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd anchored an NBC News special report and decried how “the President’s own personal grievances seemed to dominate” the briefing.

During Wednesday’s coronavirus press conference at the White House, ABC’s Cecilia Vega and PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor worked together to claim that President Trump’s use of the term “Chinese virus” was “racist” and “puts Asian Americans at risk.” Alcindor even touted rumors of an unknown administration official using an offensive term to describe the disease.

It’s really, really hard for many in the media to put politics aside, even when asking the president questions about the coronavirus. That was obvious during today’s press conference where President Trump fielded condescending questions from reporters questioning his credibility, and if his supporters actually follow medical advice.

On Tuesday, ABC’s White House correspondent Jon Karl attempted to scold President Trump for having “lashed out” at Democrats who were politicizing coronavirus. Trump shut down the line of questioning by pointing out he has to “respond” since liberal politicians “have the media on their side.”

During Tuesday’s White House press briefing from the Coronavirus Task Force, a reporter fretted that President Trump using the phrase “Chinese virus” in a tweet was creating a “stigma” about the disease. In response, the President reminded the media that China chose to spread lies and conspiracy theories in an effort to cover-up the extent of the virus in the early days.

As they say, even a broken clock is right twice a day. After President Trump held a press conference Monday and midday Tuesday over his administration’s response to the coronavirus, the rapidly anti-Trump CNN team was amazed in its aftermath and actually found some positive things to say about the president.

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough praises President Trump's performance at yesterday's press conference, describing the president as somber and serious, and saying he did what a president is supposed to do.

For a bunch of people who still act outraged that anyone mocked Barack Obama wearing a tan suit in the briefing room, the liberals sure take offense every time they think President Trump has cheapened an occasion with a Trump hat. The president appeared with a navy blue cap that says "USA" at the open of Saturday's coronavirus briefing. The president spoke for about 15 minutes before handing it over to Vice President Pence.