A video tweeted by CNN on Wednesday has been making the rounds, in which the network’s special investigations unit reporter Drew Griffin harasses an elderly Florida woman in for supposedly being “influenced by Kremlin-linked trolls.”

One would think that a rational and unified stance in the wake of tragedy would be the best start for healing and prevention, except the left seems to want none of it.

The front of the New York Times Sunday Styles section features a profile of MSNBC host Joy Reid, “A Hero of the Resistance,”  by Laura Holson. The online headline’s subhead: “The daughter of immigrants, she spars fiercely with supporters of President Trump, both on the air and in the Twitter ether.” How original! It was quite the change from Holson's sinister treatment of a conservative female pundit, Dana Loesch, last month.

The Russian bots are coming! The Russian bots are coming!  don't believe me? Well, the media is assuring us it must be true. How did they verify this? Why by citing a website called the "Alliance For Securing Democracy" which, along with being chock full of fancy graphs and charts that come in pink and pretty colors, assures us they have found 600 (not 601 or 599 but a nice round 600) Russian bots promoting #ReleaseTheMemo on Twitter which explains why it is trending in a big way. However, amidst all this hoopla just one not so little thing seems to be missing: names. Yes, after all that effort by AFSD they very conveniently fail to reveal the names of those insidious Boris and Natasha bots taking their orders from Fearless Leader. 


If you have been on Twitter recently then you know the red hot hashtag that is #ReleaseTheMemo. So why the popularity? Well, according to Rolling Stone, it is due in large part to the Russians. Yes, the Russians Are Coming to Twitter in the form of their bots to hype that hashtag. The subtitle of Rolling Stone's silly article by Bob Moser explains it: "Republicans claim a secret document reveals a Hillary Clinton plot "worse than Watergate" – and they're getting a big boost from Russian bots."

On Sunday and early Monday after word broke of the church shootings in Sutherland Springs, Texas, NBC correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin took to Twitter and sounded like a liberal activist as he tweeted out several comments suggesting that U.S. government agencies discriminate against Muslims in applying the word "terrorism" to so many acts of mass violence by Muslims, but not so much with white non-Muslim men.

The mainstream media slams at President Donald Trump came in fast and furious on the heels of his August 15  press conference in which he again talked about violence at Charlottesville, Virginia this past weekend. Among the biggest critics was the New York Times which seemed to be upset with Trump blaming "both sides," the white nationalists and Antifa for the violence. Here is a bit of their criticism which you can see in their title, Trump Defends Initial Remarks on Charlottesville; Again Blames ‘Both Sides’:

Newsweek published a wishful article Wednesday on what the United States would look like under a President Hillary Clinton."'Who runs the world?' Clinton asks, positioning her glasses higher on her head as she stares down at her documents," Chris Riotta wrote, eight months after the 2016 election. "'Girls. Girls run the world,’ [former aide Huma] Abedin responds, closing the door and leaving the president to her work."

All that work. All that effort. And it was all flushed down the toilet due to being scooped by Donald Trump, Jr. on July 11 when he released his private emails with a British publicist concerning a Russian lawyer. A full year of investigating...GONE! Such was the complaint of journalist Jared Yates Sexton as he hilariously whined on Twitter on July 11 how Donald Trump, Jr. scooped him earlier in the day with his email release. His angst was chronicled that same day by the Conservative Review, Journo melts down after Trump Jr. scoops him.

That journalistic organ the New York Times often shows deep ambivalence on free speech and free expression when done by opponents of speech-squelching leftists. According to two articles, to say the conservative movement is alternative or in any way  defenders of free speech -- or to have a point about liberal hypocrisy -- is nothing but “rhetorical appropriation” of the honorable positions of the left.

It’s not often that a member of the “mainstream media” actually apologizes to a member of the Trump administration when he or she gets the information wrong, but that’s what Daniel Drezner did on Wednesday, April 12, after accusing Attorney General Jeff Sessions of using the word “filth” when referring to illegal immigrants.

Liberal comedienne Sarah Silverman has never been a fan of conservatives and has often said so in a long string of online tweets. However, she took her obsession to the next level on Sunday, when she posted: “Walking to get coffee saw these all over a sidewalk in the town I'm in. Is this an attempt at swastikas? Do neo-nazis not have Google?”

However, those “swastikas” were actually fairly standard markers used by utility workers. According to a construction worker who responded on the Twitter website, the curvy orange “X” symbols note the locations of underground pipes, wires and other potential obstacles to a variety of projects.