Sometimes the host of a beauty pageant can provide as much entertainment as the contestants. Even a perfectly timed eye roll can leave a mark.

Sunday night, FOX aired the 2017 Miss Universe pageant and a new winner was crowned. Thankfully, host Steve Harvey made the right call by announcing Miss France.

According to a new report by the Washington Free Beacon, Wednesday, Hillary Clinton’s campaign was given the questions in advance to a not-exactly grueling Steve Harvey interview back in February. The interview included childhood pictures of Clinton as a young girl and her thoughts on Chicago style pizza. 

Hillary Clinton, the current frontrunner for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, seems to have forgotten something that was almost definitely taught in schools around the country 50 years ago — even though it appears that it has all too often been abandoned in our current Common Core-infected system.

In a softball interview with Steve Harvey on Wednesday, Mrs. Clinton, who is on record saying that Australia's gun confiscation regime "is worth looking at," discussed what she sees as the basis for additional gun laws in this country's founding documents. If a Republican or conservative made a fourth-grade mistake such as the one readers are about to see, the Big Three networks would have headlined it on their nationwide news broadcasts for the next several days.

Are there certain elemental forces in the universe (or at least Miss Universe) that must not be mocked? And is one of those forces the former owner of the Miss Universe contest, Donald Trump? Those that have antagonized The Donald seem eerily to have suffered miserable fates. Just ask Lindsey Graham, Rick Perry, or Jeb Bush whose poll numbers seem to have almost completely vanished after attacking Trump. However, their fates do not seem to have been nearly as bad as that suffered on Sunday by Miss Universe host Steve Harvey.

In the first video below you can see Steve Harvey joyously laughing at the mockery by celebrity judge Perez Hilton of the former Miss Universe contest owner. His enjoyment was very short-lived because it is soon followed by an incident that will forever haunt Harvey now and forever unto the end of time. The Curse of the Donald? Before you write that off as superstitious mumbo-jumbo, watch both videos to see poor Harvey plunge from the heights of happiness to the depths of despair.

With President Obama's approval rating in the dumps, it's time for softball interviews. We've seen the usual Barbara Walters holiday spit-and-polish. Then Obama sat down with black talk show host/game show host Steve Harvey. You can see why Obama would pick this opportunity to remind people how unbelievably likeable and down-to-earth he is. The show is syndicated nationally by NBC Universal.

In an interview with WRC-TV in Washington, Harvey insisted his interview (airing Friday) left out the politics. "I don’t care about the politics. It’s not important to me. Look, he’s a great guy. There’s a section of people who don’t agree with anything he does, and then there’s those of us who get it. So I don’t have to go into that again." Harvey then went on to defend both Obamas over the "selfie" in South Africa:

In the hours after George Zimmerman was found not guilty on Saturday evening of any crimes in his shooting of the black 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, many famous people quickly expressed their views on the Twitter social website regarding the trial and the verdict.

The celebrities ranged from a conservative columnist who cried “Hallelujah!” to a football star who posted that the members of the jury should "go home tonight and kill themselves." Other messages expressed thoughts of prayer for those involved with the case, as well as fatal predictions regarding the defendant and the six-woman jury.

In a surprising move, the network that brought you “objectum sexuals,” “the pregnant man,”

In a surprising turn for the network, ABC’s “Nightline” included a strong pro-abstinence message on April 6 when it featured comedian and radio host Steve Harvey.

Harvey is the author of the New York Times bestseller “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” which is all about love and relationships and includes advice on waiting to “give up the cookie.”

Sharyn Alfonsi’s insightful interview with Harvey who has found success with his down-to-earth advice found in his book. “A guy that’s really serious about you, he’s gotta be talking to you,” Harvey told Alfonsi. “He’s gotta wanna have one-on-one, in your face interaction. That’s how we are! The guy that’s just texting you, that’s no effort. He doesn’t have to get in the car, he doesn’t have to remember your number, he can just text you. And you sit there and you see all these wonderful things he's texting you. Well, guess what, he could be ccing that same text to six other women. And you think you're special? … Please.”