Appearing as a guest on Thursday's MSNBC Live with Stephanie Ruhle, The Atlantic editor-at-large and MSNBC contributor Steve Clemons actually made a veiled Adolf Hitler reference to attack Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well as President Donald Trump over the U.S. relocating its embassy to Jerusalem.


MSNBC suffered a meltdown for the ages on Wednesday afternoon following President Trump’s speech recognizing of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, unleashing guest after guest condemning the “delusional” and “Orwellian” speech that will cause people to die now that America’s credibility has been “shot.”

Following at joint press conference between President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday, Andrea Mitchell could not conceal her disgust at the meeting. The MSNBC anchor and NBC Chief Foreign Correspondent first hammered Trump for not putting enough “pressure” on Israel, then denounced Netanyahu for supposedly taking a “slap” at former President Barack Obama.

Needless to say, the knives were out on MSNBC to attack the U.S. military’s airstrikes in Syria late Thursday night and early Friday. Guests Steve Clemons and Phyllis Bennis were quite unglued, frowning that President Trump didn’t gather “international and regional support” like Barack Obama did and doing the bidding of the Kremlin by arguing the strikes broke international law.

The knowledge that the terror attacks in Belgium were bombings didn’t stop Atlantic Washington editor Steve Clemons, who phoned into MSNBC on Tuesday morning, from criticizing Belgian gun policy: "It's so easy to access guns in Belgium than other of the major states in Europe, it's something that everybody knows here, that there is a black market, that there is an ease of getting guns here. As compared to many other parts of Europe.” 

Discussing Iran’s seizure of 10 U.S. Sailors (and release) on Wednesday’s edition of MSNBC’s The Last Word, former UK Ministry of Defense official and foreign affairs correspondent Michael Kay declared that there was “nothing alarming” and instead “standard protocol” taking place in the video released by Iranian state TV of the nine men and one woman being boarded and held for one day.

Appearing on MSNBC’s The Rundown on Monday, The Atlantic’s Washington editor-at-large Steve Clemons dismissed criticism of the Obama administration trading five Taliban prisoners for Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl: “Well, look, I think we need to turn this on its head. There's been a lot of conventional reporting about the Taliban Five....These are important people, but they were largely paper pushers.”

Appearing on the Thursday edition of MSNBC’s The Last Word, former Vermont Democratic Governor and MSNBC contributor Howard Dean put forth the analogy that the author of the letter sent to Iran in Republican Senator Tom Cotton (Ark.) is like to far-left actress and activist Jane Fonda visiting North Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

On Tuesday’s Countdown show, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann suggested that President Obama’s speech in Cairo may have been responsible for the defeat of Hezbollah in Lebanon’s parliamentary elections which occurred a few days after the speech. But as Olbermann discussed the possibility that Obama had a hand in the results, he neglected to inform viewers that the apparent 71 out of 128 seats won by pro-Western candidates in 2009 is nearly identical to the 72 won in the last such round of elections in 2005.

During the show’s opening teaser, Olbermann brought up Obama’s speech: "The Cairo effect: Did this already pay off practically?"

After a clip of Obama’s speech, the MSNBC host continued: "Three days later, voters in Lebanon elected an American-backed coalition instead of a Hezbollah-backed coalition."