Picture that one weird, older uncle you might have. You know, the one who appears to be losing his grip on reality as he sits on your back porch sipping craft beer, puffing a funny-smelling cigarette, and rambling on about how Bernie Sanders’ political musings are the answers America needs right now. That’s basically how actor Danny DeVito has been coming off lately.

Celebrity promotion of liberal views are predictable as death and taxes. But these days the media also take these opinions seriously, trying to turn absurdities into news. The latest example was the media frenzy over a Tweet from Sen. Bernie Sanders promoting 25 year old rapper Cardi B’s economic opinions. The rapper was already a fan of Sanders, having encouraged people to “Vote for Daddy Bernie” during the last Democratic primary.


Sen. Bernie Sanders is beloved by many in the liberal press, which is why most are unlikely to point the hypocrisy of his recent rant against America. In a March 18 tweet, the former Democratic presidential candidate scolded America as a nation that “worships wealth” instead of “caring for the poor.” The tweet added “I don't think that is the nation we should be living in.”

The mounting archive of WikiLeaks emails between Hillary Clinton and her staff continues to reveal the Democratic presidential candidate’s special relationship with members of the liberal news media. Not only did she hold an off the record dinner with “influential reporters, anchors, and editors” just before officially launching her presidential bid, but reporters also asked for interviews promising the kind “she wants” or submitting copy for pre-approval before publishing it.

"Blow-by-blow coverage that gives disproportionate attention to one or two candidates. Some getting short shrift or gratuitously negative coverage. A press obsession with tactics and strategy that outpaces policy differences and leadership characteristics.”

“Sound familiar?” asked James Warren, chief media writer for the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida, when describing a Harvard University study regarding the 2016 presidential primary campaigns.

In a Huffington Post article on Monday, actor and liberal activist Danny Glover lunged at New York Times columnist Paul Krugman for his “one-man war against Bernie Sanders” “in column after blog post after column,” especially when he went “over the edge” in an article on Friday.

“It is interesting that he has chosen to repeatedly smear Bernie, ad nauseum, rather than try to promote qualities about Hillary Clinton or her record,” Glover stated before noting that Krugman “really owes Bernie and his millions of voters and supporters an apology” for his most recent column.

Not a ton to dive into here. But any time you find a network primetime show that, though predictably biased, also picks at both sides and is actually funny, then credit is due.

Tune into television coverage of the current presidential campaign, and you will undoubtedly hear from various pundits described as “former campaign strategists” and “political contributors” explaining the latest developments of the race.

But in many cases, these pundits -- though introduced as neutral experts on campaigns or party politics -- in fact have financial ties to the candidates they praise on the air, according to an article on The Intercept website by Lee Fang on the subject.

Free college tuition is the big cause célèbre on the left these days, with Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders getting a lot of support on the issue from people who don't understand that "free college" costs at least $70 billion. So, of course, ABC’s Scandal has to get in on the action to push it just like it has promoted gun control, Black Lives Matter, and Planned Parenthood funding in the past.

Bernie Sanders presenta su oferta migratoria en Univision

While a guest on The Late Show on CBS Wednesday evening, Killer Mike -- a hip hop artist and social activist -- told liberal host Stephen Colbert that the American government in several levels is successful at isolating poor people and minorities by putting them "in communities that can be controlled.”

“If white people are just now discovering that it's bad for black or working-class people in America, they're a lot more blind than I thought,” the rapper whose real name is Michael Render stated, “and they're a lot more choosing to be ignorant than I thought.”

Even though Hillary Clinton has been the front-runner for the Democratic nomination in the 2016 presidential race since she declared her candidacy in April, the former U.S. secretary of state is embarking on a swing of fund-raising events this week that will be hosted by such famous stars as actress Drew Barrymore and Sting, the popular musician.

This move is taking place after a recent NBC News poll showed that she still leads Bernie Sanders by double digits, but among millennials who were born between 1980 and the mid-2000s and represent more than one-third of the U.S. population, more than half support the socialist senator from Vermont.