After seeing all the vitriolic nonsense being thrown at Donald Trump for being supposedly mentally ill, it’s easy to think back to Democrats’ original “mentally unfit” punching bag: President Ronald Reagan. Unfortunately for us, Fox’s Family Guy had the same idea with another joke aimed at the expense of both President Reagan and his wife Nancy.

Seth MacFarlane strikes again at Jesus on Family Guy, and just in time for Christmas…how thoughtful. Clearly MacFarlane is harping on the idea that Jesus was married and had children. Along with that garbage, they also poke fun at His sacrifice and make God seem like a “dick” for sending Jesus to die for our sins.

It’s been a nearly a decade since President George W. Bush left the oval office, but Seth MacFarlane is still telling the same, stale jokes. Apparently unaware that the 2008 elections happened, last night’s episode (titled "Borderwall") of the latest FOX animated comedy Bordertown stuck with a tried-and-true liberal trope: insulting the 43rd president.

Our cosmopolitan elites have embraced the smutty Fox cartoon "Family Guy." A month ago, oh-so-sophisticated National Public Radio used their parody song "Everybody Poops" to report on Julius Genachowski, the incoming chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.