Dan Rather, Former CBS News Anchor | NewsBusters.orgSteven Ertelt at LifeNews.com reported on Wednesday that former CBS News anchor Dan Rather will be the keynote speaker for a Planned Parenthood fundraising dinner in Minneapolis on October 13. The pro-abortion group, in its announcement for the event, made no secret that it thought highly of the liberal journalist: “Dan Rather, the voice, heart and soul of American journalism, is one of the most recognized and renowned reporters of our time.”

Rather is set to speak at Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota’s annual “Celebrate! Planned Parenthood” dinner at the Minneapolis Hilton. According to Ertelt, the former CBS anchor “ironically...is going to speak on the ‘new media.’” The LifeNews editor quoted from Scott Fischbach, the director of the pro-life group Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, who took Rather to task: “For years viewers watched Dan Rather deliver the news of the day believing he was objective and fair, while the whole time he harbored anti-life views....Clearly Dan Rather has never been objective, in fact his support of Planned Parenthood proves how radical his views truly are.”