Chris Jansing spent more than 5 minutes of the June 10 edition of Jansing & Co. showing a live stream of fans waiting for Hillary’s book signing at the Union Square Barnes & Noble in New York and airing the pro-Hillary spin of Tracy Sefl, a senior advisor in the super PAC Ready For Hillary. Sefl, who lauded Clinton as “fantastic” for shedding light on “the pervasive sexism of the 2008 campaign”quickly dismissed Sarah Palin as “if anything, a comedian.”

The MSNBC host asked Sefl what she thought of Sarah Palin’s reaction to a released excerpt in Clinton’s book where the former Secretary of State described how, in 2008, she refused the Obama campaign when they asked her to lead the attack on Sarah Palin directly after Palin was appointed the Republican vice presidential nominee. Sarah Palin replied to the new excerpt via twitter, “Look who fired the 1st shot in the real "war on women". Hint: it wasn't the GOP. See this excerpt from Hillary's book.” [See video below. Click here for MP3]

Sarah Palin called out her liberal/Democratic critics in a Twitter post on Monday for firing the "1st shot in the real 'war on women.'" Palin zeroed in on an excerpt from Hillary Clinton's new book Hard Choices, where the former first lady asserted that she refused to attack the then-Republican vice presidential candidate, mere hours after John McCain named her as his running mate.

Mrs. Clinton first noted that "the Obama campaign suspected that her [Palin's] nomination was a blatant attempt to scuttle their hope of welcoming the women who had vigorously supported me [Clinton]," and spotlighted how the operatives of her former primary opponent tried to get the former senator to join their offensive:

When last seen in these parts, the American Prospect's Paul Waldman was forecasting that if Hillary Clinton runs for president, "[s]ome Tea Party congressman is going to indulge his fantasies about torturing and killing her."

Waldman posted a somewhat more temperate item on Friday (titled Who Do You Hate?) in which he offered a few thoughts about why political activists loathe certain figures from the other side but merely dislike others. His bottom line: a politician's image and persona tend to evoke more intense hatred from opponents than specific things he says or does, though words and deeds are hugely important as well.

Friday marks Barbara Walters’ retirement from ABC’s The View. On that show, and throughout her forty-year career at ABC News, the longtime reporter has shown an inclination to suck-up to liberal heroes like former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (“His bold actions on issues like gun safety...has inspired many”) and ask silly softball questions to the likes of Barack Obama (“If you were a superhero and you could have one super power, what would it be?”)

She even had a soft-spot for tyrants as she described Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad as “charming,” called Venezuelan strong man Hugo Chavez “friendly” and once bragged that she held Fidel Castro’s “gun in my lap.” Walters also hired ultra-liberal Rosie O’Donnell to rant crazily on The View and told Sarah Palin “many people find the thought of you as President a little scary.” [Top 20 video countdown after the jump]

On the Wedneday, April 30, Hardball, during the show's regular "Side Show" segment, MSNBC host Chris Matthews highlighted Comedy Central's Jon Stewart using Donald Sterling's racist talk to make a crack about alleged "crazy talk" from Sarah Palin. Matthews began:

Lawyer-writer Mike Godwin says he came up with Godwin's Law to discourage facile comparisons to Hitler and Nazism, but sometimes facile happens anyway: Daily Kos featured blogger Hunter declared Monday that "Wayne LaPierre and Sarah Palin at the National Rifle Association [convention] is what an American Nazi Party rally would sound like if Germany had won the war."
From Hunter's post on the Indianapolis convention (emphasis added):

Today CBS officially announced that Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert will be replacing David Letterman when he leaves the Late Show hosting chair in 2015. The move guarantees that Letterman’s legacy of bashing conservatives and Republicans on late night will continue, as the host of The Colbert Report has routinely trashed those on the right side of the political spectrum.

From calling Sarah Palin “a f**king retard” to joking the Taliban had a “better track record on women’s issues” than Rush Limbaugh Colbert has used his perch as a faux conservative talk show host to ridicule conservatives and their causes. In the process his clips were played and celebrated by his fans in the liberal news media the next day. [Videos after the jump]

Sarah Palin made a surprise visit to NBC's Tonight on Wednesday. She conducted a mock interview with Russian president Vladimir Putin, played by host Jimmy Fallon.

Palin mocked Putin as "no match for a mama grizzly" and told him to get out of the Ukraine. Both enjoyed a laugh at Obama's NSA spying program, as well. Below is a video of the highlights:

Ever since Friday afternoon, when Matt Drudge tweeted that he had just paid the “ObamaCare penalty for not getting covered” and called it a “Liberty Tax,” that post by the editor of the Drudge Report website has been slammed as a “flat lie” and “bad press” for the approaching March 31 enrollment deadline of the Affordable Care Act.

However, during Monday's edition of Rush Limbaugh's weekday radio program, the conservative host accused members of the media of trying “to smear and destroy” Drudge and anyone else “they consider to be the enemy of Obama.” Before long, former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin praised Limbaugh as “consistently loyal to the cause of justice,” including his defense of Drudge “for calling out 'Obamascare.'”

In his March 13 Daily Beast piece lamenting that "the GOP can't take a joke," comedian Dean Obeidallah demonstrated he doesn't read NewsBusters closely and/or that he lacks proper reading comprehension skills.

Here's how Obeidallah described a March 12 story by my colleague Jeffrey Meyer:

Leftist author Joe McGinniss drew several more warm obituaries from the national media. In Wednesday’s Washington Post, on the front of the Style section Gene Weingarten began with a gush: “Joe McGinniss, author of one of the best nonfiction books ever written, died yesterday.”

NPR media reporter David Folkenflik filed an entire story on McGinniss (and it was no Harold Simmons hatchet job on political attack ads). Folkenflik went easy on the last slimy McGinniss book, his full-throttle, fact-challenged attack on Sarah Palin:

Jimmy Fallon is now the newly minted host of NBC’s “The Tonight Show”, replacing long-time host Jay Leno as the network’s newest late night comedian. Unfortunately for Fallon, the NBC host took an unnecessary swipe at former Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK) this week.

During his monologue on Monday March 10, Fallon mocked Palin’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) speech, specifically her comparison of Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham” to ObamaCare. During her speech, Palin used Seuss’ poetic language to comment that “I do not like this Uncle Sam, I do not like his health care scam.” [See video below.]