Rest assured, another left-leaning late night host and a liberal celebrity have weighed in on which Democrat is best to beat Donald Trump. During an appearance on The Late Show With Steven Colbert Monday night, Samuel L. Jackson and Colbert engaged in speculation over who will lead the Democratic Party ticket in 2020.

Throughout the years masked crime fighters have faced some pretty scary enemies, though Marvel and the stars of the studio’s latest blockbuster (maybe -- time will tell) Captain Marvel, may have outdone themselves in presenting an even more terrifying uber-baddie. In 2019, enter civilization’s greatest foe … sexism. According to an Entertainment Weekly article, “Intergalactic odd couple Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson return to 1995 to fight aliens,” and “Sexism.”

Everyone’s favorite “Bad Motherf*cker” and recurring Quentin Tarantino flick actor, Samuel L. Jackson has just endorsed new Michigan Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s use of his favorite expletive. Can this Hollywood crap get any more stupid?

 The Obama-pleasing journalists at Good Morning America on Thursday managed to actually criticize the President. However, the critique was not over the health care law or excess spending. It was a complaint issued by a fellow liberal on the issue of grammar. Co-anchor George Stephanopoulos began by praising Obama, gushing, "He first skyrocketed to the national stage on the strength of his eloquent speeches." According to Stephanopoulos, the President has now been accused of "talking down to his audience." [See video below. MP3 audio here.]

Ron Claiborne explained, "It turns out Samuel L. Jackson, the maestro of the on-screen F-bomb has" noticed Obama's use of slang in speeches. Claiborne added, "[Jackson is] filing a grammatical grievance against the President." The journalist highlighted other presidents who have done such thing, including Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. However, he skipped one particular 2016 contender, Hillary Clinton.

Samuel L. Jackson came on Tuesday's edition of "Live With Regis and Kelly" to promote his latest movie, Lakeview Terrace, but couldn't resist getting in a plug for Barack Obama. The Pulp Fiction star told Regis Philbin that when he was at the Deauville Film Festival in France, nobody really wanted to talk showbiz, instead the festival goers asked him about the upcoming election: "They're all hoping that we come into the world community by electing, you know, Barack they say. So we hope so."

The following exchange occurred on the September 16 edition of "Live With Regis and Kelly":